COWORKING SPACE is ideal for start-ups and one-man shows

A coworking space (also known as a shared office space) refers to an office-like environment where entrepreneurs can rent the space they require to complete their daily tasks. This is a great option for people who singlehandedly run their own company, or for small companies. All office amenities are fully set up, and in most instances, there are kitchens, lounges, boardrooms, and other communal areas for tenants to make use of.

We at Newbridge can assist you in finding the perfect coworking solution to get your business going.

Newbridge can assist you in finding the perfect coworking solution to get your business going.


This has become a widely recommended option for small business owners, not only because you save money by only paying for the space and amenities you use, but also because of the following benefits:

Allows for more structure.

Working from home
can be difficult as there
are several distractions like your pets, television, kids, etc. Making use of shared office space will allow you to focus during your work day, while also giving you a reason to get out of the house daily.

Better productivity.

Being surrounded
by likeminded
business people will
increase productivity,
thereby encouraging
you to do the
best for your


Working by yourself all day can be lonely and may also impact your mental wellbeing. In a coworking space, you get to interact with people who have the same objectives that you have, which will leave you feeling more energised and focused.

Networking Opportunities.

Since you will be surrounded by business people from different backgrounds and industries, you might discover new business opportunities that would not be possible when working alone from home.

Flexible rental terms.

Leasing offices is a
financial responsibility. If you are not sure whether you are ready to pay the monthly rent and utility bills, a shared office space is ideal as it allows you to rent for shorter periods of time, often with flexible terms.

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