We specialise in COMMERCIAL PROPERTY SALES for businesses of all sizes

We specialise in finding and providing commercial real estate solutions that meet our clients’ requirements. Whether you are an existing company looking for a bigger space, or a new company looking for a place to start your business operations, you can count on us!

The Newbridge team offers experience and industry insights that assist in matching our clients with the perfect properties. Firstly, we listen to our clients to ensure that we understand their requirements, current liabilities, and budget. Next, we will develop a range of real estate solutions for your specific needs. We will advise you on the best properties available for sale, in the best possible location for your business. If a property is found that meets your needs, we can also assist with the sales negotiations.

The entire process, from sourcing properties to negotiating the sales agreement, is handled in complete confidentiality.

The Newbridge team offers experience and industry insights.

Why BUYING YOUR OWN OFFICE is a good idea:

Investing in commercial property has long-term financial benefits, such as:

  • By purchasing commercial property, you will be paying fixed costs over the long-term, as opposed to costs that escalate annually.
  • Owning and managing your own commercial property will enable you to benefit from tax deductions on fixed property.
  • When owning a property, you have the option to rent out surplus space, which will provide you with supplementary income.
  • Owning commercial property, that will gain value over time, allows you to sell the property at a profit, that can be applied for several benefits, including retirement funding.

If you are ready to invest in commercial space for your business, talk to our team of property professionals. Not only will we be able to advise you on the best option for your needs and budget, but we can also assist with the sourcing, negotiations and final sale.

Contact us via phone or email for more information. Alternatively, go to Property for Sale for more information on the areas in which we specialise.


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Manor House, The Vineyards Office Estate

Manor House, The Vineyards Office Estate